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Try Not To Listen Lyrics

Wade Bowen & West 84

Sometimes I get captured by the way a song sounds
Takes me inside and lifts me up off the ground
It can make you feel love like you've never felt before
Or it can make you cry and want to hide behind doors
For a song is more powerful than most people think
Go ahead and sit by the jukebox and order up a drink
And try not to listen, try not to hear the words
For that song that's always haunted you is always gonna be heard
I hope you listen to my songs, I hope you listen to what I say
This song's my life and that's the reason, oh the reason that I was made
Sometimes I put some grit into it and sing as loud as I can
And I scream and yell at the crowd hoping that they understand
And sometimes they yell back and it's as crazy as it can be
And I think to myself, what a hell of a life I lead
Sometimes it's just real slow and tender as it can be
And I look into your eyes and I wish you could see what I see
You may not want to listen, you may not like my style
But I promise you before the end of the night, there's something you're gonna realize

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