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Keep Hangin On Lyrics

Wade Bowen & West 84

Well I love that girl with all my heart
Yeah I loved her more than anything
But she told me yesterday to get the hell away
I hope that was something she didn't mean
Well last week I tried to kiss her
Yeah, it seemed like the right thing to do
But she slapped me across the face and we went our separate ways
I turned around and screamed I still love you
Cause there's a long list of reasons
Why I keep hangin' on
I hope you all can see just what she's doing to me

I'm tired of her always treating me wrong
I tried to call her on the phone
Just hoping we could talk a little more
She didn't like that at all she hung up and blocked my calls
And now I can't reach her anymore
She went out with some other guy
I tried not to let it bother me
Took the wind right outta my sails, I got drunk and got in jail
And now I'm as lonely as I can be

Chorus 2:
Cause there's a long list of reasons
Why I keep hangin' on
I think I'll sit right here and drink another beer
Until the early morning dawn

I got out of jail and saw her on the street
I tried so hard to wave her down
She just hopped into her truck, hit the gas and off the clutch
She flipped me off as she was leaving town
Well she packed up and she moved far away
My friends say it was all because of me
I don't think that's true, I'll see her again real soon
Cause I found out that she moved out to Abilene

Chorus 2

Yeah I think I'll sit right here
And keep on drinkin' them beers
Until the early morning dawn

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