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Just For Fun Lyrics

Wade Bowen & West 84

verse 1:
lets go out for the evening lets see what we can do,
lets see what kind of trouble we can get into.
lets go out dancing and party all night long,
its just me and you baby from now 'till the break of dawn.
i don't know why i don't know how but we're gonna get it done,
we're gonna have the best night of our lives, just for fun.

verse 2:
well it might get a little bit crazy, it might get wild at times,
i might even try to kiss you, i hope that you don't mind.
there's just something about you that makes me feel so good inside,
lord its a feeling that i just can't deny

repeat Chorus

verse 3:
well i got on my cowboy hat i aint worn it in a while,
i'm tryin to do everything baby just to see you smile.
let's go sit by the jukebox put it on song number 29,
i know that its your favorite and you know that its mine.

repeat Chorus(2x)

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