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Karaoke Lyrics


dear akon ...
forgive me for what im about to say...
dear barry wize i know you told me not to worry
about it man but i cant let it ride...
dear god...
lets make it happen (ha ha ha)
ha ha im tryin ta be you n****...
ha yeah you n****
watch me do me,
watch me do me,
watch me do me,
watch me do me hey!! (nappy boy)
nappy boy

dj khaled! hey yo pain i want you to go in

hey yo khaled lets go man (we the best) hey hey hey (listenn)
i got up out da streets so i aint gotta stealbut listen to the radioits obvious i still kill when yall was in the game way before me so why you wanna do some s*** i did in '03im layin low key (yeah)for a long time but dont act like you know methis is the wrong time so grab ya microphoine set yo auto tune an imma bust a verse on yo a** like i outta do i aint no gangsta dude aint got a poppin finger but you know im powerful when im pissin off the gospel singgas im tryin ta feed my kids yall n****s can die slowly cause to me it sound like a bunch of karaoke

hey yo we still tha best f*** these karaoke n****s hey yo pain dey tryin to live your life man f*** these b**** a** n****s its the dj khaled nappy boy im goin in im goin in hey yo t-pain

i know you khaled i know you right know but uh let me get em' again hey hey uh listen it aint all bad some of it please me but the only n****s that cool is Kanye an lil weezy im a hit maker not a comedian so why da f*** these n****s laugh when im sing my s***

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