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Venom On My Lips Lyrics

Spine Chilling Breeze

I've seen enough in this lifetime,
(I) thought I knew better than this.
You came crawling on your knees,
With promises of peace.
I thought I'd give you one more chance,
Hoping you've changed a bit.
I'd be better of kissing harpies,
But I had my ego to please.

You thought you'd clap your fingers,
And you'd have me kissing your feet - sick babe.
That I'd forget all your mistakes,
And once more be your plaything - you psycho.
I decided to show you the door,
And your face was something to see - you bitch.
I'd rather walk through fire barefooted,
Than see your ass rolled again on my sheets - you fuck.

Charging down, a long and winding street,
Keeping my distance, from your hungry teeth,
Facing your fire, back and front of me,
Still tasting your venom all over my lips.

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