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Until It's Over Lyrics

Solar Fake

Iíve been to your private hell
And I thought itís our farewell
But to keep up the will is a gift and a curse and itís treason
And our dreams will divide
And all thinking gets out of the light
We canít reach each others hand unless we fall

Weíre beautiful as long as we believed weíre getting closer
But as we grew closer weíre unsuitable to live the perfect life
And just get older until itís over

Weíre becoming weaker, could be time to admit our defeat
But thereís so much left undone, but no 2nd chances
Time is passing us by and it doesnít seem right
That youíre dying in my arms and leave me behind

Who cast the first stone into the water so that the waves would rise and rise
And tear ourselves away from home
It doesnít matter what we do and what we feel or say
Youíre looking far too frail

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