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Someone Like Me Lyrics


Someone like me
With someone like you
How unlikely
Too good to be true

Someone like me
With someone like you
How unlikey
Too Good to be true

Something's be trying to hold me down
And leave me no hope on the battleground
I'm knocking on doors, "Come on", let me in
Desperatly craving the feminine
Then you came to me
How could i get lucy like this
What have i done

This type of things is just a fantasy
The story is laid out so wretehedly
Like out of a film or a magazine
Appeal to the classical masculine
But gradually
It's dawning on me
This isn't like a dream
This is for real

Being yourself
What does that mean
Seeing yourself is the hardest thing

Someone like me
With someone like you
How unlikely
Too good to be true

Timing your movements so accurately
Hearing you breathing so musically
Unity strengthening rapidly
Knowing you'll always come back to me
You're never to close
Or far away
Perfect somewhere inbetween
Vintage machine

Seeing it's already time to leave
I got to go out, i need space to breathe
Go before everything's caving in
Understand that, oh my heroine
But someone like you
So hard to believe
Sure this is not just a dream
Wake up and see

Being yourself is a lonely thing
If you never pick it up and just let it ring
Someone like me
It's what i've always dreamed of
With someone like you
More than satisfactory
How unlikely
It's real you're here beside me
Too good to be true
Come on, let's share this moment

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