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On The Fence Lyrics

Robbie Williams

Hey now, what did I do wrong?
I'm only several words into this song
Yesterday yes was the equation
Now todays no what's the occasion
I used to be the bird that always flew
Did I sit on the fence
Because all I can think of is you

I've never been more confused
I look at the phone but it's all bad news
When I check for the text
Like a neurotic chancer
The verb is a void cause no is the answer
I used to be the boy who played it cool
Then I sat on the fence
And all I could think of is you

Oh, did we enter the friend zone
And oh, is there any way back

I thought we had a strong connection
You said it had to be perfection
Please let me be the one to break that rule
I don't know what went wrong
Cause I don't have a clue
Like a knife and a fork and a big bowl of soup
And I sat on the fence
And now all I can think of is you

Why, why... why, why, why, why

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