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Unfaithfull Lyrics

Mac Miller

[Hook: Mac Miller]

She says I can't be
She says I never be
So I'm tryin' be

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
She says I'm just a player like punisher was
A bunch of old girls that I swept under the rug
So before you shut me out first let me explain
Cause I'mma keep you warm when the temperature change
And I'll try my best to stay true
I really hope that I can stay faithful
Cause you the type of girl that I pray for
I'mma wait outside for you when the rain pour
Here's my crib let's take a tour
You layin' on my bed like you go make it yours
You taste sweet like a peach
When we deep in the sheets
When I leave I'mma try my best not to cheat
Cause never would I lie and deceit you
I wanna be the other half that completes you
Not only fucking but going out to eat too (sike)
I was praying that I would meet you aha


[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
And you know the ways of the rap world
I don't even have to holler at girls
They just approach me tellin' me they know me
It's all just a circle like ring around the rosey
So I don't listen to hoes, I just smile, laugh, let em' hit at my bros
Cause I love it when you kiss me on the tip of your toes
When I take you out, you know I'm bringin a rose
And it's apparent, you can meet my parents
Mark and Karen let's try not to scare em
And I'm recording this with a smile
Pick up the dial cause I ain't seen you in a while (sup baby)
Hard to believe it's true but right now all I want is you
So baby you can holler at me
Forget your pops you can call me daddy


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