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Anthems To God Above Lyrics


Anthems to God above,
Source of eternal love,
Now let us sing!
Praise our Creator's Name,
Come as our fathers came,
Hail, and with loud acclaim,
Our God and King!

Thanks for our favored land,
By His almighty hand
Guarded from ill;
Thanks for the dew and rain,
Broad field and sunny plain,
Where stores of fruit and grain
Our garners fill.

Thanks for our banner bright,
Spangled with starry light,
Boast of the free;
Signal to those oppressed,
Honored, revered and blest,
Waving its noble crest,
O'er land and sea.

Lord, from Thy throne on high,
Bend Thine approving eye
O'er us, we pray.
This be our one desire:
Faith, love and zeal inspire,
Light with devotion's fire
Our souls today.

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