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Bring Back My Memories Lyrics


It took a long time for us to meet again
I was scared to wait all those years in vain
You had to grow uo, went out to see the world
Left me here alone inside myself for far too long, girl.

Heaven sent you back
Here and now we're back together
You took my heart forever
Bring back what we had

Heaven sent you back
There's a flame that burns forever
It's you and me whatever
Take the good from bad

Bring back my memories
Of sunshine and laughter
Bring back my memories
Of joy and this feeling inside
You're too hot for the rain
Let the sun shine again
You gotta bring back my memories of love
Don't you worry, my love is here to stay
I wanna lay down close to you night and day
I touch your body and give my heart away
Mughty glad to know that heaven sent your lovin' my way

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