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Usurper Legion Lyrics

Formless Terror

Severence gluttony

Terrorbearers emerging victoriouos
Rising the dawn of infinite abbhorence
In magma crafted beasts of adversity
Spewing scourge at the aeons of liberty

Usurpers of space
May thy breath fornicate chaos
May he harness the stars
For the supreme deluge of annihilation
Defile the pure
For the eminent hunger of extermination
Conjure the impure
To open the blueprints of emptyness

Grotesque are the ways of the merciless!!!
Their deeds man will never forget!!!!!

Hideous horde of heinous blood
Chant the sublime verses of enslavement
Devoured be the flesh of our adversary’s
Under the chaotic shine of the morning star

Immense vile slavery
For those who will inherit the earth
Eternal unrest embraces the enemy’s faith
Comsuming like vultures their legacy of deceit
Degrading their will with our iron filled wrath!!!!

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