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Judge And Jury Lyrics

Fear The Concept

I couldn't count on my withered hands
How many times I caught you fucking up
This was the last time, you crossed the last line
It'd be in your best interest to keep your fucking mouth shut

You think you're so special, yeah you're such hot shit
But when you log offline you're just a punk ass bitch
You represent everything I stand against
Everybody sees that you and me are doomed and damned by destiny
So your bloodied face and fists are wastes it never had to end this way

All you are and all you've ever been is a no good fucking piece of shit
It's too late for an apology, you've lost my respect now get away from me

This is your trial, you'll pay for all the mistakes that you've made
The judge is just, and the jury wants to watch you suffer
And now the verdicts in; three counts of arrogance, the plaintiff wins
Death row is where you'll live for now
Won't be long until you're dead and buried in the ground

Take a look around at all the people that you've crossed and hurt
By putting your two cents in where it doesn't belong
You brought this all on yourself

I've been waiting all my life to do to you what you did to me
You'll die alone and in a two-week time
The whole world will have forgotten your name
Take a look around (take a look around)
Where are your friends at now (Where are your friends now)
Not this time, they won't keep you safe
With my hands around your throat I'll take you to the grave

You fucking snake
Can't slither away, not this time

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