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Desecration Lyrics

Eye Of Deceit

You're eaten, beaten and burned
By a beast you once thought blessed
I am the one who has beat the pain
I am the one that will fucking last

I now shower in numbness
You're crying and mourning your fucking past
I don't feel, I have no heart
Desecration of feelings
I've never been a saint

This beast has a name, you're calling Satan
You fucking selfish being
He feeds your will determination
A sin's innovation that you will feel

As love or hate that's reaching in
As natural that you believe
As lies, pure evil keeps sliding in
As you don't know that I'm a fucked up
Heartless, once broken
Lover, hater, sick of this sickening life
Fucked up, heartless, wicked now
Sick of the pain? It's time to change!

You know
It's never late to change the laws
You make your rules you move the walls
Use that brain, you're now heartless
With less defects, more confidence
No more brought down by what is felt
Stand fucking tall, respect is held
You can be strong if you persist
You have my word, it does exist!

Dark side is your side!
You no longer have pain to hide
To hide!
I'm fucked up, heartless, once broken
Lover, hater, sick of this sickening life

I dropped that dead weight
I can now see the truth
I've seen it all, I'm saved

You'll fucking thank me one day
If you listen to all I say
And tare off that fucking heart
You don't need no tears
Just scream it off!

I hear, the beast, he screams, he's weak
Your beating that beast inside
He burns with flames of your pride
You'll have the strength of your mind
The power shows in your eyes
In your eyes!

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