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Embryonic Lyrics


Reaching to escape this entrapment
So I may finally see
This tangle of lives I exist in
Consuming every part of me

Fragments pulsing, colliding
Masquerading the false sense
Of attaining autonomy, through which
We have fallen astray to the point
Of our imminent descent into chaos

We must contain this fear
And repent among the silent

The subconscious struggle to
Sustain equal balance
Has been collapsed into oblivion

Your life is subject
To the walls which you create
Thrown up to disguise your vast atrocities

Climb out of this hole
Attempt to reclaim your soul
This is our eternity
An infinite stream

Now I am free, flying endlessly through the sea

Kill of the thought of pre-concieved
Notions that you can not achieve rebirth

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