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The Ritual Lyrics

Excruciating Pain

Itís time for this ritual to begin
Before day breaks your life will end
Death rips your throat and tears out
Your eyes bleeding free, youíll slowly die

Possessed by a spirit beyond your control
Off your body your head will roll
Insane with fear canít stop it now
Life for you they wonít allow

Because slowly in your mind
It starts deteriorating
Desperate for control
You start to see things but only for awhile

They donít escape from the chaos that rules your life
Understand your thoughts see things clearer
Itís still possible or you will die

You canít run, theyíll find you there
Theyíll drag you into their demons lair

Cerebral fluids flow through holes
Drain the life of your only soul
Your nerves destroyed by evil dead
You now have an empty rotten head

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