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Dancing Right In Front Of Me Lyrics

David Gilmour

Maybe I should have shown you a clearer plainer truth
That doesn't care about summer and less about youth
Now in this silence, what more is there to do?
Something has broken in me and in you

In watchful dependence, a satellite spins
Cautiously circling the space that I'm in
It's bouncing me signals distorted by time
And I'm stuck here waiting for the stars to align

Dancing right in front of me, all the lives I once could see
Slipping to and slipping fro, disappearing
Who's to know where they have gone just out of sight
Into the shadows of my night
Who started out as stars in my eyes

There's a wide horizon, go on now take a chance
Your star is shining it lights a brighter path
It's all there inside you, take one day at a time
Reeling, freewheeling, I want to watch you fly

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