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Mistake Lyrics

Colors Of Autumn

Lets settle this - once and for all
Just you and me, Im not gonna fall
You thought i - keep my mouth shut
And look away (clean)

You couldnt be more wrong
Nevermind about tomorrow
Im your arch - enemy
This is judgement day

I feel the pressure (clean),
Our time has come
Oh dear god Show me (clean),
All that you've got

I cant (clean)
Take no more of this (clean)
No more of this injustice
This is not my fault (clean)
I cant
Take No more of this
Come and face me (clean)
Come and face me now

Step by step im moving forward
Leaving everything behind
Standing on the edge - of the end
Maybe i'll lose my life

But i always followed my heart
And yet, in front of my eyes (clean)
Only darkness
Im searching for some light

You can force me,
On my knees (clean)
Break my bones but
Im still free (clean)

Chorus 2x

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