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Whirls Of Blending Minds Lyrics

Bumy's Blending Mind

The bright lights burn round the bend and I feel alright at last
The anxious wait has turned to calm as the answering has been cast
The moment I hold the answer in my hand all fears and doubts dissolve
With a steady step I rise up to my lab and start to solve

With a rush from the right and a shove from the left, I'm bounced around and mixed
A voice in doubt, another removes, and everything else is fixed
I sit in whirls of blending minds and keep my answers short
And pressing in, the needed calm returns me to the source

The wheels that grind around the bend make my heart to start
And as I meet among with friends, there's a way to take a part
The gathered group lifts me up as words are brought to send
I see the ways we have to go and start to walk to the end

With a place to start and a way to take, I follow down the winding road
In signs I see the way for me to carry on my load
With days away and nights to seek ways through baffling course
And drawing in, the needed calm returns me to the source

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