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No Name Lyrics

Alpha Wolf

No name, no worth, no more apologies
Nothing makes me love you
No name, no worth, no more apologies
I could never be forever

Been telling myself I'm a freak since I was six
Should've known that I'd turn out like this
Call me deranged, call me mister no name
I'm the static peering from the back row

Hollow from the inside out
Skin shielding my seclusive bones
I'm better off torn apart
Alone in pieces, in peace when alone

I'll put a gun to my head
Replace my memories with lead

Been feeling like a freak ever since I was six
Twenty something years later I still feel like shit
You want my insides on the fucking outside
A bastard from birth, just a frame with no worth

Zero sorrow, zero grievance
Emotion's null, I've lost all feeling
When I'm awake I'd rather be dreaming
Sleepless nights it's hurricane season

Can you hear that?
Thats the sound of me not giving a fuck

No name, no worth

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